Tracking the TV viewing habits of children in Wales


Why the client needed the research
S4C wanted to better understand the viewing behaviour of children in Wales, and to track it over time in order to:
- Better understand their views on the programmes and channels they watch, and their viewing habits more generally
- Understand the type of content they want
- Gauge their views on Welsh language programmes
- Explore how they find out about TV programmes on S4C
- Gather evidence on social media usage

Our approach
S4C has used the Children’s Omnibus Survey since its inception in 2006 to understand children’s viewing behaviour across Wales, and to give S4C a better understanding of its own viewers.

The core element of the survey questions track behaviour over many years, therefore questions have remained relatively unchanged since 2006. This has allowed S4C to follow viewing trends and behaviours over a significant period of time.

A total of 500 children across Wales have been interviewed by our highly trained CRB checked interviewers (in the presence of an adult if aged 7-15 years).  Interviews are conducted face to face using CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing).

The outcome
The research has informed S4C on current viewing trends of S4C against its competitors, with data showing a fairly consistent picture over the years.