Informing tourism strategies for North Wales destinations


Why the client needed the research
The Tourism Company commissioned Beaufort on two separate occasions to help with developing strategies for attracting visitors to: a particular stretch of the North Wales coast; and to Anglesey.

Our approach
Our qualitative sample of focus groups on both studies consisted of potential visitors from England, who were at different lifestages, as well as recent visitors to better understand the range of different attitudes and needs.

Pre-tasks were set for participants to help jog memories of previous UK breaks prior to the discussions and also to ensure we used the time in the groups as effectively as possible. Enabling techniques were used to explore in depth the range of attitudes and barriers on the key topics, and several concepts were tested.

The outcome
Our findings on both projects highlighted what lay behind the key barriers to visiting the area as well as what it would take to convince the different audiences of potential visitors to (re)consider these particular parts of the North Wales coast as a holiday destination. The Tourism Company is using the results to work with its client partners in developing their tourism strategies, supported by persuasive video findings created by Beaufort.

What the client said
“Beaufort felt like part of our team. They understood what we wanted to get from the research and were always on hand to suggest improvements to the research design. Their broader involvement with tourism data capture was also very useful.” (The Tourism Company)