Tracking awareness and brand values


Why the client needed the research
To better understand its brand performance and position in the market, Brecon Carreg required original survey research, specifically examining:

- Brand awareness
- Product preference
- Consumption and usage
- Brand image
- Key drivers of purchase decisions

Our approach
We utilised our regular Wales Omnibus Survey to provide a cost effective vehicle for the client to gather data from a representative sample of 1,000 Welsh residents on these key brand performance measures, benchmarking against key market competitors

This large and robust sample enabled us to reliably examine the market at a nation-wide level as well as drilling down to key sub-groups of the population based on purchasing and consumption behaviours as well as demographic profiles.

The outcome
A consistent research methodology and the frequent intervals at which the Wales Omnibus Survey is conducted have enabled the client to track advertising and brand awareness over time to monitor marketing campaign performance.

We undertook detailed analysis of the data on behalf of the client in order to uncover key insights and trends which were communicated via multiple outputs including summary PowerPoint charts to visualise the key findings.

What the client said
“Beaufort provided us with a fast and efficient way to gain important consumer insights into some key areas we had identified as valuable in moving forward Brecon Carreg as the market leading branded water in Wales.” (Eva Toth, Marketing Manager, Brecon Mineral Water)