Meeting the needs of clients and stakeholders


Why the client needed the research
In order to meet current and future challenges, the Arts Council of Wales embarked on a wide-ranging organisational review.

Obtaining the views of those affected by any organisational change is essential. It demonstrates openness and a commitment to consider, within any clearly defined constraints, the interests of employees, partners and clients.

Beaufort Research was therefore commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales to feed into this review by exploring perceptions of the organisation, and what clients and stakeholders felt the Arts Council should prioritise.

Our approach
The nature of the project was complex in terms of audience and subject matter. We used a number of different qualitative research methods, including online, to capture a range of views among the Arts Council of Wales’ clients and senior stakeholders.

The outcome
The project schedule and management were challenging but we were able to meet the clients’ expectations on all fronts. We delivered a series of internal findings sessions and reports which are helping the Arts Council of Wales move forward with its overall strategy.