Ensuring the desired brand values are being delivered and helping to inform award-winning marketing


Why the client needed the research

Since 2003 Brains have been utilising original research to monitor brand performance. Specifically Brains have identified five key outcomes required of this research:
- To monitor brand awareness, preference and purchasing/consumption, benchmarking against other key brands
- To measure awareness of its marketing campaigns and understand the message take-out
- To understand perceptions of the Brains brand
- To assess current behaviour: propensity to drink Brains beer and visit Brains pubs
- To track changes over time on all measures

Our approach

In 2003, we designed a bespoke biannual quantitative face to face survey of 600+ residents in Brains’ core trading area, gathering the information from a representative sample of 18 to 50 year olds who visit a pub/bar two to three times a month or more often. Since then, thanks to our scalable field force capabilities, we were able to expand the survey to include more regions as Mid and North Wales became increasingly important trading areas for Brains.

To date, we’ve delivered in excess of twenty waves of research which have seen the brand develop from being a local Cardiff brewer to a national icon.

The outcome

In addition to fulfilling the objectives listed above, research also helped Brains win the Marketing Society’s ‘Brand Revitalisation’ award and the National Business Awards’ ‘Marketing Strategy of the Year’ in 2006, beating competition from major international brands such as British Gas, Coca-Cola, Visit Scotland, and Penguin Books.

This ongoing study continues to be conducted twice a year.