Encouraging more customers to use online services


Why the client needed the research
The Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) service allows private motorists to renew their road tax or declare Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) via the internet or an automated telephone service.  DVLA ran a postcard reminder campaign aimed at encouraging use of the EVL service and commissioned research to identify any barriers to customers using the online service.

imageOur approach
We completed 2000 telephone (CATI) interviews with a representative sample of private motorists who had not used EVL services.

The outcome
Our findings produced some interesting results, in particular that customers were aware of the service. The barriers lay with issues such as distrust of, or unfamiliarity with, technology, and loyalty to their local Post Office.

To enhance the findings further, we undertook an attitudinal factor and cluster analysis to provide DVLA with a clear segmentation of the non-EVL customer market. We identified six segments, ranging from Potential Internet Users to Post Office Ever Loyal. As a result, we were able to reveal to DVLA the size of each of these segments and also the targeted messaging required for each, to help encourage more customers to choose EVL.

What the client said
It was becoming obvious that switching to EVL was being hindered, for some customers, by something unusual when sizeable numbers in key target groups were not converting. The factor & cluster analysis research Beaufort carried out for us identified an emotional attachment to the Post Office that we had not anticipated. We had already excluded regular Post Office users from our marketing but this group supported the Post Office philosophically rather than actually using it regularly. (Derek Hobbs, Head of Customer Insight and Marketing, DVLA)