Monitoring arts engagement among young people


Why the client needed the research
The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) wished to track the level of engagement in the arts among young people aged 7 to 18 over time. The research was designed to identify any changes in both participation and attendance and therefore help ACW monitor the impact of its work among this group.
Our approach
It was important that a consistent platform was used for collecting this trend data and Beaufort’s bi-annual Children’s Omnibus survey provided the ideal vehicle for this. Each survey interviews a representative sample of 500 7 to 18 year olds in their own homes using the latest CAPI technology.

Since 2007, questions have been placed on both the Spring and Autumn waves of the Omnibus meaning a sample of 1,000 Children and Young People are interviewed per annum.

The outcome
The Omnibus provides a regular consistent approach to track key measures of overall engagement with the arts. It also enables ACW to examine individual art forms, in terms of the level of participation and attendance in each as well the context for involvement (e.g. in school , out of school).

The robust overall sample size allows ACW to drill down to examine key demographic and regional differences.