Testing the effectiveness of communications at conveying key product messages


Why the client needed the research
The Principality intended to introduce a new savings product to their portfolio. Previous research by Beaufort had identified the key account features that customers valued.

Principality took this information and formulated a new variable rate savings product. A series of creatives were produced, and a research project was designed to test both the effectiveness of the adverts in attracting branch enquiries about the account, as well as testing the appeal of the account attributes when it came to attracting new money to the Society.


Our approach
A series of hall tests were conducted in four locations across Wales. Respondents were recruited on-street – their demographic profile matched that of the key target audience for the account.

Respondents were then accompanied to the hall-test location, where each of the Principality executions were tested against each other, as well as against key competitors in terms of their ‘hook’, i.e. whether they would encourage someone to go in branch to enquire about the account. The key account features were also tested against those of comparable competitor accounts to determine the likelihood of opening a Principality account in future.

The outcome
We provided The Principality with valuable data on the relative effectiveness of their communications, and attractiveness of their account. The research also provided suggestions on how the executions could be adapted to make them more appealing and prompt a higher level of account enquiries.