Tracking customer satisfaction through on-board surveys


Why the client needed the research
Cardiff Bus, one of the major providers of public transport bus services throughout Cardiff and the eastern Vale of Glamorgan, commissioned Beaufort Research to carry out their customer satisfaction tracking survey from 2015 -2018. The main aim of the survey is to measure levels of satisfaction amongst passengers as well as the:

• Passengers’ demographic profiling
• Frequency of using the service
• Type of ticket purchased and payment method used
• Sources of information used to obtain details of Cardiff Bus services
• What passengers like and dislike about the service
• Reaction to proposed improvements and passenger suggestions for improvements.

Our approach
image Each wave a minimum of 550 interviews are conducted over a period of seven days, with shifts running from 7.45am to 8.00pm.

The questionnaire is presented as a self-completion document and is administered by on-board interviewers, who explain the aims of the project and are on hand to assist with any queries on how to complete the questions.  All passengers taking part in the survey are included within a prize draw.

The outcome
The research provides Cardiff Bus with valuable insight into their customers’ experiences and their perceptions of the service received. The findings from each wave of the research have helped, and will continue to help, steer Cardiff Bus’s marketing, planning and strategy going forward.