Informing the strategic development of the business product portfolio


Why the client needed the research

Prior to this survey the Western Mail & Echo Ltd (now known as Media Wales) last conducted business research in 2002, focusing on Western Mail and Business in Wales magazine. To update this information and take account of the changing competitive context that existed in this market, the client wanted to undertake research to answer the following three broad objectives:

- Test knowledge about readership
- Understand media usage behaviour
- Evaluate the product offering and positioning within the marketplace

Our approach

Senior decision makers within Welsh businesses were the target audience for this study, in main circulation areas of the Western Mail.

Many of the business publications under review had very similar names, so we decided that respondents should be able to view mastheads or full front pages – thus guaranteeing accurate measurement of awareness, readership and opinion of each title.

Self-completion was the most appropriate and cost effective approach but we wanted to improve response rates: so respondents were pre-recruited by telephone. At this point they were offered the choice of paper-based or online self-completion. 

The outcome

Our results provided insight into media consumption habits of senior business decision makers within Wales, and helped the client to understand product positioning in the marketplace in relation to competitors.

Reviewing the brand across its three different platforms (of newsprint, magazine and online) delivered product development insight to inform the strategic development of the business product portfolio.

In addition, the survey provided information which could be used to support sales and sustain/grow revenue.

What the client said
As Wales’ leading publisher of business-related media, we need to remain at the forefront of the marketplace.  In order to ensure this insight must be gathered on our media users and the overall marketplace.  We selected Beaufort Research from selection of highly regarded agencies as we felt they offered the best solution to our requirements, and had also done an excellent job on the research we conducted in 2002.  The whole process from recruitment through to results was carried out in a very smooth and professional manner.  The team at Beaufort were always on hand to answer our queries and provide solutions to any of our issues, and they managed to provide us with excellent insight into our marketplace when they presented the results.  This insight influenced many of the decisions we made when devising our Business strategy.