Beaufort helps NISCHR plan for new initiative

The National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) in Wales has recently launched a new initiative. It is aimed at raising awareness of health and social care (H&SC) research and encouraging more people in Wales to become engaged with and involved in H&SC research.

In order to inform the design and development of this initiative, NISCHR commissioned Beaufort to conduct research to inform its understanding of awareness and perceptions of H&SC research in Wales.

Using focus groups and Beaufort’s Wales Omnibus Survey to inform the development of this public-facing initiative, we found low levels of familiarity and connection with this subject despite its recognised importance. The study also identified several motivations to getting involved with H&SC research such as helping people and society generally but also a number of barriers, notably the perceived risks and efforts required to participate.

Exploring possible brand names highlighted that the general public were more focused on outcomes and benefits than processes involved with H&SC research. This insight set NISCHR a significant challenge in developing a coherent brand.

The final name chosen, Healthwise Wales, came from among suggestions voiced by participants in the focus groups. The new Healthwise Wales website is now live and our research findings can be found here


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