Beaufort tracks specialists’ views on soft opt-out organ donation system

In the run up to the implementation of the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act on 1 December 2015, Specialist Nurses (SNODs) and Clinical Leads (CLODs) for organ donation have provided a number of useful insights and views on the operation of the new system, according to our latest wave of qualitative research.

Overall, SNODs and CLODs are expecting minor changes to the conversations with families exploring the possibility of organ donation. The research found, among other things, that broaching the topic of deemed consent is one area where they would need guidance, along with clarity on how to handle the discussion with families where the patient had opted out.

Taking a broader view, the most important factor in participants’ minds which would ensure successful implementation of the new system is continued education of the general public.

image Beaufort was commissioned to deliver three waves of qualitative research for the Welsh Government among SNODs and CLODs. The research findings will be used by the Welsh Government and NHS Blood and Transplant to focus on training and implementation issues.  This latest wave took place with a little less than a year to go before the legislation comes into force. The full research report can be found here. The final wave is scheduled to take place 2016-17.

Our staff working on the project have relished the challenge it presented. We’ve had to develop a good understanding of the technicalities involved with organ donation including current and new legislation. The support from Welsh Government in this respect has been invaluable. The participants we interviewed were incredibly accommodating, setting aside time for detailed face to face discussions at their place of work. On a practical point we’ve needed to be flexible with our fieldwork availability - one interview, for example, took place extremely late on a Friday night in critical care.

We’re very much looking forward to the final stage of this research programme to see just what the new legislation has meant for SNODs and CLODs and their interactions with the people of Wales.


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