More powers for the National Assembly for Wales?

Today sees the publication of results from a survey by Beaufort conducted on behalf of the Commission on Devolution in Wales. The research is an important contribution to the work of the Commission, chaired by Paul Silk, helping them to assess public opinion on Welsh Devolution and attitudes on where powers should lie.

The survey, conducted among a representative sample of 2,009 members of the Welsh general public aged 16+ in May and June of this year, found:

• 62% of the respondents would like to see increased powers for the NafW (including the 9% in favour of independence), with 24% in favour of the status quo;

• Eight in ten people trusted the NafW to act in Wales’s best interests;

• A majority believed that the existence of the NafW had given Wales a stronger voice in the United Kingdom;

• The Welsh public were as likely to believe that the NafW had the most influence over Wales as they were the UK Parliament;

• There is a relatively high awareness of whether current powers lie at UK Parliament or National Assembly level; and

• Among those desiring further powers, a majority (around two-thirds) want this within the next 5 years or beyond rather than in the next year or so.

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