Welsh consumers show concern about post-Brexit personal finances

Our latest poll of a representative sample of 1,000 adults across Wales shows that a third of Welsh consumers (33%) expect to be worse off financially once the UK leaves the European Union – more than double the proportion who expect to be better off post-Brexit (13%).

And while just under half of Welsh adults think their personal finances will remain roughly unchanged (45%), one in ten are not sure of their financial future (9%).
Older people aged 65+ are a bit more optimistic about their post-Brexit finances compared to younger people aged 16-24 years; 17% of those aged 65+ feel they will be better off financially when the UK leaves the European union, compared to just 7% of 16-24s saying the same. Interestingly, the proportion thinking they will be worse off is the same for youngest and oldest consumers (31% for each).

Also, men are more optimistic about their financial futures than women, with 16% of men saying they think they will be better off post-Brexit compared to 10% of women. Furthermore there are clear differences in opinion according to occupation; those in higher managerial and professional roles are much less likely to say they will be better off after Brexit (7%) compared to semi-skilled manual workers (18%).


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