Welsh public agree that hosting the NATO Summit was positive for Wales

Beaufort’s latest opinion poll for the Western Mail shows that just over half (53%) of the Welsh population feel that hosting the NATO Summit was good for Wales. Almost one in five (18%) disagreed that it was beneficial, however, while nearly a third (30%) were undecided, with 25% saying they neither agreed nor disagreed and another 5% unable to answer.

In the latest wave of the Beaufort Wales Omnibus survey, with interviewing conducted during the second half of September after the NATO Summit took place in Newport, 1,002 adults in Wales aged 16 and over were asked:

The 2014 NATO Summit took place in Wales on 4 to 5 September. Looking at this card, can you please tell me to what extent you agree or disagree that hosting the NATO Summit was good for Wales?


Those most likely to see benefits in Wales hosting the Summit were those in the higher ABC1 socioeconomic grades (that is, the middle classes – those working in managerial, administrative and professional occupations).  Over six in ten ABC1s (61%) were of this opinion compared with fewer than half of those in the working classes (45% of C2DEs). Moreover ABC1s were much more likely to agree strongly than C2DEs (at 23% compared with 12% respectively).

Likewise, those aged 55 and over were more likely to be positive than those in the younger age groups – 56% of 55+s agreed that hosting the NATO Summit was good for Wales compared with 51% of 16-34s and 35-54s.

Geographically, those living closest to the Summit location in South East Wales (in the Valleys and Cardiff and SE Wales) showed the highest levels of agreement (at 59% and 56%) although agreement was also high in North Wales (at 55%).

Conversely, disagreement that hosting the Summit was beneficial for Wales was highest in West South Wales (Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend), Mid / West Wales and Cardiff and South East (at between 21-22% in each area) and amongst the 35-54 age group (at 22%).


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