Welsh public pessimistic about prospects for the NHS and health & social care under new government

In Beaufort’s latest opinion poll, a representative sample of Welsh adults were asked whether they believed that the NHS and health and social care would improve, stay the same or get worse over the next five years, after the June general election.

Nearly six in ten (59%) expect the NHS and health and social care to get worse under the new government, while just one in ten (12%) believe it will improve. Almost a quarter of people (23%) expect no change, and another 6% say they don’t know.


35 to 54 year olds were most likely to be pessimistic, with 65% of this age group of the opinion that the NHS and health and social care services would get worse in future. Younger people were somewhat less pessimistic, with 53% of 16-34s saying they thought things would get worse, compared with 59% overall.

Regionally, those living in North Wales were most likely to believe the situation would worsen under the new government (67%), whereas people in South Wales (living in the Valleys and Cardiff and the South East) were slightly more likely than average to believe that NHS and health and social care services might improve (14% compared with 12% overall). However, these people accounted for a small minority of those living in these areas and the majority view everywhere was that the situation would worsen in the next five years.


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