Omnibus surveys

Omnibus surveys are a well established
method of conducting market and social research.
As their name implies, they enable a group of users
to share the same survey vehicle, achieving the
benefit of lower costs.

Subscribers to an omnibus service buy in on the basis of how many questions they wish to ask of the sample and the type of questions.  In effect, therefore, each subscriber shares the cost of interviewing and other overheads with fellow clients.  All clients have access to a number of different demographic questions which can be used to provide sub-analysis of results.

Beaufort conducts four separate Omnibus surveys among distinct audiences:

Wales Omnibus - 1,000 interviews with adults aged 16+ in Wales

Welsh Speakers Omnibus - 500 interviews with Welsh Speakers

Business Omnibus – 500 interviews with SMEs in Wales

Children’s Omnibus – 500 interviews with children aged 7-18 across Wales

Applications for Omnibus surveys are numerous, but examples of how clients have used these services include:

  • To measure awareness and impact of communication campaigns
  • As an on-going measure of customer satisfaction
  • To measure product or service awareness, usage and attitudes versus competitors
  • To measure and track awareness and opinion of advertising
  • As a longitudinal measure of changes in social attitudes
  • To examine reaction to proposed or new legislation
  • To quantify business confidence and market buoyancy
  • To measure awareness and uptake of new service offerings
  • To measure participation in a range of social and leisure activities
  • To monitor voting intention