Welsh Speakers Omnibus

Beaufort is proud to undertake, to our knowledge, the only Omnibus Survey of Welsh speakers.  The recently re-launched service provides a flexible and cost-effective way for clients to access the behaviour, opinions and attitudes of a cross section of Welsh speaking population.

Key features of the service are:

  • Representative quota sample, consisting of a minimum of 500 adults aged 16+ who are resident in Wales and are able to speak Welsh.
  • Undertaken twice a year – in March and in October.
  • CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing).
  • Questionnaire produced bilingually and conducted in the respondent’s language of choice.

  • Our strength of resource in this area means that we only use fully bilingual interviewers to undertake the survey and thus all respondents wishing to take part in Welsh can do so at initial point of contact.

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