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Beaufort offers a full quantitative and qualitative research service to clients utilising a broad range of methodologies and latest data gathering techniques. Our approach is always to design the most appropriate solution for each client’s needs, so no two projects are the same. We can provide a full research service, from project design to reporting, or simply a field and tab service, depending on clients’ requirements.

For quantitative surveys, we offer CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing), CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) and CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing) technologies. We’re also keen to utilise new technologies and approaches for qualitative work such as bulletin board focus groups, where these can bring added value to a project.

Our executive team has extensive experience in questionnaire design and can provide clear, unambiguous, meaningful and relevant questionnaires. We also have a great deal of experience of sample design and are familiar with quota and random sampling techniques.  We take pride in providing presentations which give clear direction to clients and in producing unambiguous, actionable recommendations in reports.

All elements of quantitative projects are conducted in-house, including data collection and data entry, thus ensuring highest quality.

Beaufort has a highly skilled team of qualitative researchers with extensive experience of delivering rich insights to help our clients make informed decisions. This team is supplemented when necessary by a small number of senior qualitative associates, with whom we have long-standing relationships. Our qualitative team includes fluent Welsh speaking researchers.

We pride ourselves on delivering practical conclusions and recommendations when reporting - rather than just narrative findings - with results underpinned by strong and thorough interpretation.

To help deliver this insight, it’s essential to ask the right questions in the right way, using the right method. We adopt creative approaches, from sample design through to discussion techniques which allow us to dig deeper than asking direct question outright. We also look beyond just what participants tell us, and consider the context, observations, language used and other activities when analysing.

We take care to ensure our debrief sessions are tailored to the client audience and its requirements in terms of length, focus and outcome; and also that results are delivered in a visually engaging way that stimulates thought and encourages action.

Quantitative Services

  • Face-to-face interviewing (CAPI and pen and paper): in-home, in street, in hall or exit interviews
  • Telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • Self-completion surveys: (postal or online / CAWI)

      We also run four unique Omnibus surveys in Wales amongst representative samples of adults, Welsh speakers, children and young people and businesses.

      Qualitative Services

      • Focus groups
      • Mini-groups
      • Depth interviews
      • Online methods
      • Deliberative research
      • Workshops or forums
      • Panels
      • Ethnographic techniques

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