Commitment to quality

Beaufort takes quality very seriously and we’ve achieved ISO20252. This is the most comprehensive industry quality standard available which applies to every element of our business and every stage of a project, from fieldwork to reporting.

ISO20252 Requirements

  • All new face-to-face interviewers must receive 2 days training from a Beaufort field supervisor, or one-day training if already trained to other industry standards. New interviewers receive the Beaufort Interviewer Manual, a comprehensive manual describing all aspects of best practice for data collection and Beaufort’s procedures regarding it.
  • Training is followed by supervisor accompaniment on the first assignment given to the interviewer. All interviewers are regularly appraised through supervisor accompaniment and formal review. Regular interviewers are appraised twice a year to monitor quality standards and highlight areas for re-training if necessary.
  • Fieldwork is validated through “back-checking” – at least 10% of all respondents are re-contacted and asked a series of quality control questions relating to the administration of the questionnaire and the professionalism of the interviewer.
  • Results of these validation procedures are fed into Beaufort’s central fieldwork computer system which tracks the performance of all interviewers. The system identifies any potential problems early, by highlighting the need to re-train or exclude specific interviewers. Using these procedures, we have been able to build up a strong team of professional interviewers.
  • Beaufort also validates coding and data entry according to ISO20252 guidelines.  Questionnaires are re-coded and re-punched and any discrepancies in the original file are investigated and corrected.

We continually monitor our performance and are regularly audited to ensure that all procedures are correctly followed and that we still operate to the highest standards.

All executive staff at Beaufort are members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and therefore comply with the Code of Conduct in all research carried out.

Beaufort abides by all Data Protection legislation and is a member of the Market Research Society Company Partners’ Scheme (which has replaced the BMRA or British Market Research Association). By being an MRS Company Partner, we are committed to uphold industry standards and comply with self-regulation.

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