Focus on Wales

Beaufort is based in Wales and has a particular focus on Wales, with around 80% of the research carried out having a Welsh dimension. We therefore provide a unique perspective on Wales and issues relating to Welsh culture and the Welsh language. At the same time, we’re not parochial or limited to Wales - we have a UK-wide fieldforce and frequently carry out projects across the UK.

The ability to work through the medium of the Welsh language is often vital to the success of research in Wales, where over a fifth of the population speaks Welsh (and this proportion is growing with the increase in Welsh medium education).  Moreover, an understanding of the Welsh perspective and familiarity with Welsh culture is often important for the interpretation of research results.

We provide a seamless bilingual and Welsh language research service to clients where needed. We do not pay lip-service to the concept of carrying out research through the medium of Welsh. On the contrary, Welsh language research is one of our core strengths.

Whilst other research companies have to sub-contract aspects of Welsh language projects, resulting in a loss of control and frequently a negative impact on quality, we are able to conduct every element of Welsh language projects in-house, using our own professional research staff. 

We have a significant number of fluent Welsh speakers working at all levels throughout our company (including half of our executive team) and the breadth and depth of our Welsh language research resource is therefore, we believe, unrivalled.

We are proud of our track-record and reputation in Welsh language research for a wide variety of clients. A few examples of Welsh-language or bilingual research projects follow:

Welsh Speakers Broadcasting Surveys (for BBC Wales)
Annual bilingual household surveys of over 1,300 Welsh speakers across Wales examining media consumption and attitudes.

Living Lives through the Medium of Welsh (for S4C, BBC Wales, Welsh Language Board and Arts Council of Wales)

Welsh Language Music Scene Study (for S4C)
Qualitative study involving mostly Welsh language focus groups amongst music fans exploring attitudes towards Welsh language music.

Welsh Speakers Skills Study (for Basic Skills Agency Wales)
Major in-home quantitative survey involving c1,400 face to face interviews in Welsh with Welsh speaking adults, assessing reading and writing skills in Welsh.


Omnibus surveys

Omnibus surveys are a well established method of conducting market and social research.  As their name implies, they enable a group of users to share the same survey vehicle, achieving the benefit of lower costs.

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