Strength and depth of our research resource

Beaufort offers a comprehensive UK wide fieldforce, meaning we can handle major UK wide surveys with no difficulty, but has particular strength in Wales. In Wales we have a large team of interviewers who work regularly on our assignments, including some who are specially trained to handle CAPI projects.  We launched CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) in 2007 for in-home surveys and believe we have the strongest CAPI resource of any agency in Wales.

The team includes many fluent Welsh speakers who are accustomed to handling bilingual surveys and also many experienced Welsh speaking group recruiters for qual projects. We have the strength in depth in Wales to cover all corners of the country (even the most rural) and all groups within the population, even ‘hard to reach’ groups.

Fieldwork is organised by our Field Manager through a network of regional supervisors who are spread throughout the UK.  Our interviewers are experienced and thorough and are used to handling complex survey assignments.  We carry out specific checks to ensure that high quality standards are maintained, as part of our ISO20252 accreditation.

Thorough and accurate data processing is a prerequisite to successful reporting. At Beaufort all data processing is carried out in-house by our experienced data preparation and processing team, headed by our Data Preparation Manager and responsible for data editing, data entry, coding and all data outputs.
We also carry out all data analysis in-house, using our team of highly experienced research analysts.

We also operate a dedicated CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) research unit within our Cardiff headquarters. Having all interviewing carried out from Wales has the following advantages:

  • We can seamlessly offer a choice of Welsh or English interviews to all respondents, as we have a number of fluent Welsh speakers working as part of our interviewing team.
  • Clients based in Wales can easily visit our telephone centre to listen in to calls, to hear first-hand how consumers view their organisation and its services.
  • Also, we have much greater control over the quality of the fieldwork and any queries or issues can be dealt with immediately and in person, as project executives are based within the same building.
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