Operations Executive – Job Description

Job Purpose:

The Operations Executive is responsible for a range of duties within the Operations department. This includes supervising, managing the performance of and maintaining the telephone interviewing team as and when required; conducting a range of field duties using the Fieldplus system, as well as general office and administrative duties.

Main Duties

  • To liaise with the Operations Manager to enable correct allocation of work to suitably trained telephone interviewers to ensure these projects are completed successfully and on time.
  •  To maintain regular telephone interviewer recruitment and training to ensure full team availability.
  • To oversee the day to day running of the telephone interviewing team dealing with queries from the team as they arise.
  •  To be responsible for performance management of the telephone interviewing team, including developing and coaching the team and discussing management information with them
  • To carry out data collection validation (listening in to calls), providing feedback and discussing outcomes with interviewers.
  • To conduct a range of field duties as instructed by the Operations Manager using the Fieldplus field system e.g. to book out and progress chase face to face field assignments, to book in questionnaires and to organise, copy and dispatch fieldwork materials.
  • To enter Field pay claims ready for the monthly payment run, if required.
  • To assist the Operations Manager with organising data entry and coding of survey questionnaires, when required.
  • To conduct qualitative recruitment of respondents, when required.
  • To conduct a range of office and administrative duties as required and as instructed by the Operations Manager.

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