Almost half of Welsh adults support increase in number of Senedd Members

Our latest poll for Media Wales Ltd, on the front page and in the Leader column of Western Mail’s 28 February edition, shows that almost half of Welsh adults (48%) support an increase in the number of Senedd Members to around 90. 30% are against the idea and 21% have no opinion.

A representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 16+ across Wales was interviewed online between 17 Jan – 6 Feb on the Beaufort January Wales Omnibus. They were asked the following question:

‘The Senedd / Welsh Parliament is currently considering whether to increase the number of elected Senedd Members. A panel of experts said the current number of 60 was too low to represent the people of Wales, hold the Welsh Government to account and deal with its growing workload effectively. As a result, they recommended an increase to around 90 members. This will incur extra costs. The Scottish Parliament has 129 elected members while the Northern Ireland Assembly has 90 elected members. To what extent do you agree or disagree that the number of Senedd Members should be increased to around 90?’

Young people were much more likely to support the idea than older people – 61% of 16-34s would like to see the number of Senedd Members increase, compared to just 34% of those aged 55+. Welsh speakers were much more likely than non-Welsh speakers to support an increase in the number of Senedd Members, with 65% of fluent Welsh speakers and 61% of non-fluent Welsh speakers agreeing with the idea, compared to 41% of non-Welsh speakers.

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