Guiding client thinking on campaign choice





International comparisons show that UK lung cancer survival is poor, with Wales ranked worst in the UK. Wales is committed to improving the outcomes of patients diagnosed with lung cancer. A key element is to ensure that more patients are diagnosed at an early stage. Activities to increase awareness of lung cancer symptoms have already been undertaken in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland so Wales is in a good position to learn from and build on this activity. These learnings could inform decisions about using or building on existing materials wherever possible for Wales.

Three different campaigns (including, TV, radio and print) needed to be tested in terms of message, relevance, impact and call to action. In addition, it was important to identify where enhancements might be needed to make the campaign as relevant as possible for people in Wales. We used focus groups across Wales (including in the medium of Welsh) to explore reactions to the campaigns.  We also captured behavioural feedback with a participant pre-task.

Our results clearly highlighted to the client and stakeholder group which elements of which campaigns were suitable for taking forward in Wales without losing message consistency and clarity. A number of tweaks were also required to ensure that the campaign felt tailored for Wales.


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