Helping the client to track awareness over time






The Children’s Commissioner for Wales champions the rights of children and young people in Wales, and the post is currently held by Sally Holland. The role of the Commissioner is to support, listen to and advise children and young people of their rights, influence Government and other organisations to consider children’s rights when developing policies and speak up for children and young people nationally on important issues.

Beaufort has been conducting annual awareness research for the Children’s Commissioner for Wales amongst children and young people since 2010. The main aims of the research are to determine whether children and young people know who the Children’s Commissioner is and whether they are aware of the roles and responsibilities of the Commissioner.

Each stage of the tracking research uses the Beaufort Children’s Omnibus Survey, the only survey of its kind in Wales.

The Children’s’ Omnibus is conducted twice a year. Each wave, a representative quota sample of 500 young people aged 7-18 who are resident in Wales is interviewed, and a fresh sample is drawn each time. Interviewing is spread across 43 separate locations throughout Wales, and all interviews are conducted face-to-face in respondents’ homes using CAPI, (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), ensuring high-quality data. Interviews are conducted by experienced interviewers who have undergone CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks.

We have provided the Children’s Commissioner for Wales with extensive trend data, mapping levels of awareness of overtime. Monitoring awareness of the Commissioner has allowed our client to assess the effectiveness of their marketing activity over time and helped shape strategic decision making.

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