One of the largest surveys ever conducted in Wales among 116,000 school children

We’re proud to have undertaken one of the world’s biggest surveys of young people, the 2022 School Sport Survey, in partnership with Snap Surveys.

The survey gives young people a voice on sport and wellbeing in Wales, providing Sport Wales with a rich insight into participation levels, behaviours and attitudes. It also provides accurate information on the state of PE provision in Welsh schools.

Over 116,000 children and young people took the opportunity to have a say on sport and their wellbeing via self-completion online quantitative surveys. A member of staff from each school was also asked to complete a questionnaire on PE and sports provision at their school, with 1,000 schools taking up the opportunity to do so. All schools taking part who met the sample requirements for the survey qualified for an individual data report.

The depth of evidence provided by these surveys means that Sport Wales – and their partners – can make more informed decisions about future investment resources. They can analyse emerging trends and develop sport in a format that motivates children and young people. It also allows Sport Wales to examine under-represented groups and use the evidence to tackle some of the barriers that prevent children and young people taking part.

A BBC news report and further information can be found here: Wales’ children doing less sport outside school – survey – BBC News.