Jane Bullock

As Beaufort Research’s Operations Executive, Jane is responsible for a range of duties within the Operations department. One of her responsibilities is the overall supervision of the telephone interviewing team, allocating work to suitably trained telephone interviewers to ensure all projects are completed successfully and on time. Jane also leads on in-house recruitment of senior level participants for stakeholder and B2B projects.

Jane has a passion for literature, writing and the theatre. On the very eve of taking up her place at university, she received an unexpected offer to join the stage management team at the Liverpool Playhouse. Jane grabbed the opportunity with both hands and, so, ‘ran away with the circus’ for the next 25 years. Highlights included numerous West End productions and a residency in New York.

During her time at Beaufort, Jane finally made it to university. With thanks to the OU, she was able to explore two of her much-loved passions, Shakespeare and Creative Writing.