Wales Omnibus

The Wales Omnibus is ideal if you need insight into the views of the Welsh public. We survey a large, representative sample of 1,000 adults across Wales five times a year using an online panel.

The advantages of the Wales Omnibus are:

– Confidence that those interviewed are an accurate representation of the Welsh population. Interlocking demographic quota controls are set on age within gender, with a further quota on social grade.  Interviews are carried out with residents of every local authority in Wales.

– Surveys are conducted five times a year – January, March, June, September and November.

– Accurate recall measures of advertising or other visuals as a wide range of stimulus material including TV, radio and digital adverts can be shown via our data collection software.

– Self-completion, avoiding the need for an interviewer and arguably leading to more honest answers on topics which could be prone to social desirability bias.

– Cost effectiveness.

– Carried out completely bilingually so participants can take part in the language of their choice (Welsh or English).

– Expert advice on questionnaire design provided by our experienced team as part of the service.

– Full range of reporting options.


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